Huss Park Attractions has announced details of a number of new ride projects for 2013 and beyond, with parks around the world set to benefit from the introduction of a variety of the company's attractions.

Among the first of the new installations to open will be a package of two rides at a new safari themed park in Chong Qing, China. This will include a Top Spin Suspended, one of the company's most successful attractions with examples operating all over the world, featuring 38 seats positioned back-to-back.

The second ride is one of the company's King Kong rides, the fourth to be built. The family attraction features 24 seats and a number of special effects to add further to the experience, including sound, mist, shining eyes and seat vibrators.

A King Kong will also be a signature attraction at the new Vialand theme park in Istanbul, Turkey, which is due to open to the public in the near future. The ride will be situated in its own themed area and will again feature a range of special effects similar to those on the Chong Qing ride. This example will be the fifth such ride to be delivered by Huss since its introduction to the market in 2008.

Additionally, and following similar recent projects at OCT Happy Valley Wuhan in China and for Merlin Entertainments in Weymouth, UK, installation is due to begin in May on the next Huss Sky Tower, this time at Changzhou Dinosaur Park, China.

The attraction will rise 120m into the air with passengers seated outward facing in a rotating, circular cabin which will allow them to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Delivery is also currently taking place of a package of four attractions to Ningbo Romon World, again in China. The rides included in the project are a Top Spin Suspended, a Giant Frisbee, both from the Huss thrill ride range, a Break Dance family ride and a Pirate Ship, one of the company's classic/family attractions.

The Top Spin will again be a 38 suspended seat model, while the Giant Frisbee will take passengers up to a height of 42m as it swings pendulum-style 120 degrees to each side of a central hub. The 40-passenger gondola also rotates at 8rpm during the ride sequence.