Following the runaway success of the new Pokémon Go mobile game, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) has issued a statement warning operators of the possible dangers of the app.

Launched earlier this month, Pokémon Go is a smartphone game app that leads players to physically seek out virtual Pokémon characters in real-world settings through augmented reality.

The popularity of the game shows no sign of slowing, and IAAPA has expressed concerns that visitors to theme parks and attractions may try to venture to no-go zones, such as platforms, ride areas, exhibits and backstage areas.

“IAAPA suggests members remind guests through social media, their website, postings and signage to never enter restricted areas, be responsible and respectful to other guests and [not to] take phones or cameras on rides,” the association said.

“This is also a good time to remind employees of your employer phone use policy during work hours.”

Since its release, there have been reports of Pokémon Go-related falls, crashes and stampedes as players attempt to ‘Catch ‘em All’.

“IAAPA will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving phenomenon and pass along information on significant new developments that could impact attractions operations,” the group stated.