India is investing heavily in theme parks and other tourist attraction sites, including a Buddhist theme park at Futala, an energy park at Koradi, and a tourism circuit in Saurashtra.

The Buddhist theme park is located at Futala Lake and is costing around $134 million to develop and construct. The energy park comes with an investment of approximately $17 million and will be situated next to the temple at Koradi. The energy park will showcase a number of power projects, including a miniature model of the Koradi Super Thermal Power Station.

The park will also feature a solar energy garden, interpretation centre, wind energy garden, hydro energy garden, biomass energy garden, and vocational training centre.

The tourism circuit in Saurashtra will comprise of temples, beaches, and lions. Vijay Rupani, chief minister of Gujarat, commented on the new tourist circuit project: “The Gujarat government is mulling developing a tourist circuit involving pilgrim places, beaches in Saurashtra and the pride of Gujarat, lions of Gir Forest, and chalk out a circuit surrounding all these places,” said Rupani.

The proposed sites is part of government plans to make Gujarat a world-class tourism destination.