Japan is starting to reopen theme parks and other attractions that had been temporarily shut because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

One of the first theme parks to reopen in Japan was the GrinPa Amusement Park, which opened its outdoor attractions on March 9.

On March 14, the Moominvalley theme park in Saitama opened under the condition that all guests have their temperature checked on arrival to the resort.

On March 16, the Huis Ten Bosch theme park reopened with certain restrictions and requirements, including only outdoor attractions are currently operating and all visitors being asked to wear masks.

Legoland Japan reopened on March 23 but is limited to several key outdoor attractions and is operating shorter business hours. Staff are wearing masks at the resorts and temperature checks are being carried out.

In a tweet, Legoland Japan announced: “Today, Legoland Japan and Sea Life Nagoya have reopened. Although the business will be partially modified, we will operate with the utmost care of all staff so that we can provide you with a little fun.”