Jinma Rides debuted its milestone AGV trackless and driverless immersive dark ride, A.D. 10,000 at Bailuyuan Studios Park, China, on 23 April.

As the leading AGV trackless dark ride supplier from China, Jinma Rides has integrated numerous advanced technologies into the ride, from its control system to laser navigation and real-time data control.

The entire control system has been developed by Jinma Rides, with the vehicle applying laser navigation and precise positioning technology. It also uses real-time data to control the movement of the vehicles. Two independent steering wheels work through the control system, and the vehicle is untethered in movement according to the set trajectory path. The light and compact structure of the vehicle is also convenient for moving in small spaces. The turning radius is small enough that even right-angle turns are possible. 

The trackless systems also allow for much more complex set pieces, such as swinging, rotating, and swapping places with each vehicle, making them especially suitable for highly immersive experiences. This project innovatively added the dynamic experiences of a high-speed diving section and a 6 DOF platform, which makes the experience more memorable and unique.

Jinma Rides continues to ramp up R&D in immersive attractions that integrate the ride system with various effects, including lights, sounds, wind, and animation, in order to play out a story in the most vivid way. Jinma has supplied dozens of motion dark rides for its clients so far, with another dark ride planned for operation in Tai’an in 2023.