The brick building phenomenon of Lego has come to the south of Spain as Europe’s largest exhibition of models built with Lego opens to the public.

The exhibition covers 1500m2 and houses over 100 impressive models for both children and adults.

The attractions visitors can get up-close and personnel with models which include The Star Wars Zone, 1:1 Scale Superhero Figures and its centrepiece of Air Force One, the world’s largest aircraft.

The plane is a feat of engineering. It was made with a million pieces and constructed ready for international travel. The replica Lego figure is made at a scale of 1:7 and measures almost 11-metres in length, 10-metres wide and 3-metres high. A sight to be seen.

The Lego exposition also has a fun park for children to play and educational workshops for schools to attend.

The event runs from 19 March until the 18 September and will be sure to attract people to the beautiful city of Seville.