The Lego Group has unveiled a new brick prototype that is made from recycled plastic. The brick uses PET plastic from discarded bottles.

Combining technology is used to fuse the recycled PET with strengthening additives to create strong bricks. A one-litre plastic PET bottle provides, on average, sufficient raw material for ten small Lego bricks.

The Lego Group is to carry on developing and testing the PET formulation before decided whether to transgress to the pilot production phase.

Tim Brooks, vice president of environmental responsibility at the Lego Group, commented on the sustainable Lego brick: “We are super excited about this breakthrough. With this prototype we’re able to showcase the progress we’re making.

“The biggest challenge on our sustainability journey is rethinking and innovating new materials that are as durable, strong and high quality as our existing bricks – and fit with Lego elements made over the past 60 years,” Brooks added.