Legoland Germany has commenced a fundraising campaign for the benefit of the ‘RTL Foundation – We Help Children e.V.’

The fundraiser consists of a minifigure in the guest’s personal favourite colour remaining in the park as a representative. The donor will receive a certificate engraved with the coordinates of their donated minifigure.

Wolfram Kons, General Manager of RTL Charity, explains: “It’s great that the Legoland Deutschland Resort will support the goals of our foundation. The entire amount will be used to continue the RTL children’s homes throughout Germany. There are now 19 of these contact points where socially disadvantaged children can get help with their homework, loving care and educational opportunities in addition to a balanced diet.

“Thanks to the donation from Legoland, further diverse support and leisure programs can be implemented to get children and young people off the streets and into our facilities.”

Meanwhile, Retail, Event and Entertainment Director at Legoland Germany, Martin Lubitzsch, who came up with the idea for the Legoland campaign, added: “We are very pleased to be able to implement this campaign together with RTL and their recognized foundation, which is well known to both our national and international guests.”