Lightwater Valley, the much-loved theme park in Ripon, Yorkshire, has made some significant changes to its rides.

The park is now listed as a family adventure park and has removed its larger thrill rides. The impact of the pandemic forced the theme park to rebrand and focus more on a younger audience.

Many of the park’s iconic rides like The Ultimate and the Black Pearl, have either been removed from the park entirely or are still standing but are not operational.

As Colin Bowes, general manager at Lightwater Valley had said: “Over the winter season, we made some changes to the park to increase our appeal to families with children under 12 years. This has seen the launch of the brand new Go Safari area and we have included Treetop Trails within the admission price.

“As a result of this recalibration we have retired a couple of our much older rides and do know that this will be disappointing to some visitors seeking thrill rides.

“Our aim is to offer an exciting, new series of fun adventures and entertainments for an audience which has so often been overlooked.

“We have made this change very clear across all our channels, and have added in a mandatory tick box within the booking system to highlight these changes before anyone purchases tickets. It is also mentioned in all communications up until that visitor arrives at the park,” Bowes continued.