Lionsgate Entertainment World, the world’s first “vertical” theme park, is to reopen on June 24. The theme park is located on Henqin Island, not far from Macau and Hong Kong.

Lionsgate Entertainment World features unique attractions based on blockbuster films, including The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games.

The date the theme park is to reopen coincides with China’s holiday weekend celebration known as “Dragon Boat.”

In-keeping with the reopening of other attraction sites in China, Lionsgate Entertainment World will follow the necessary health and safety measures to help ensure the safety of guests and employees. These measures include opening at 50 per cent capacity.

The park will also implement a “one guest one disinfection” policy, which involves the disinfecting of every ride, VR headset, countertop, and other features that guests encounter after every use. Cashless payments will be enforced where visitors pay for tickets, food, and merchandise via digital payment.

To show support and appreciation for those working in healthcare during these difficult times, Lionsgate Entertainment World will also offer free admission to healthcare workers until December 31, 2020.