Lotte World Adventure Seoul in South Korea has cut the ribbon on the world’s first flying theatre attraction that is capable of showing two movies in a single ride.

The $30m Fly Venture attraction was developed by Lotte World, in collaboration with Dynamic Attractions, which provided the ride system, and film distributors Prana Studios and 4th Creative Party.

Fly Venture features two different ride movies. The first, Fly Venture Chaos, is pegged as a “magical and supernatural flight experience of four realms”. The second, Fly Venture Korea, is a more peaceful ride featuring stunning South Korean skylines.

“Lotte World has been providing unforgettable experience and memories to guests since 1987,” said the resort’s president, Dong Ki Park. “Fly Venture is one of the biggest investment in Lotte World’s history, and there is no doubt that this incredibly immersive and spectacle attraction will provide overwhelming experiences to guests.

“This Fly Venture opened a new era of Lotte World’s history and will be beloved by all ages for a long time. Lotte World will keep our best effort to develop and provide guests with such new and amazing experiences like Fly Venture.”