Luna Park Sydney, the heritage-listed amusement park located on Sydney Harbour, has announced it is to undergo a major update, with a A$30 million investment.

The upgrade will include the installation of nine new rides, including thrill rides, children’s rides and an anchor Intamin coaster, the Big Dipper. A whole section of the theme park has been completely redeveloped.

Luna Park opened in Melbourne in 1912. A second Luna Park opened in Adelaide in 1930, while Luna Park Sydney opened in 1935.

The latest project is the biggest extension to Luna Park Sydney since it opened.

Commenting on the redevelopment, Peter Hearne, managing director of Luna Park Sydney, said: “We bought a little mini coaster, our Little Nipper kiddie coaster, from Preston Barberi; a family coaster, the Boomerang, from Gerstlauer; a hot racer from Intamin, and six rides from Zamperla: the Cloud Nine Samba Balloon, the Bug Mini Ferris Wheel, the Freaky Frogs Jump Around, the Loopy Lighthouse Jumpin’ Tower, the Silly Sub Crazy Bus, and the Sledgehammer thrill ride.

“The exciting thing from our perspective is that we are now, effectively, a four-coaster park. We start off with the little Preston & Barberi mini coaster, which is themed as a shark. From there, we go to our Boomerang, the Gerstlauer family coaster, and then to our existing Wild Mouse,” Hearne added.