The National Roller Coaster Museum & Archives (NRCMA) have announced the arrival of ride vehicles from Europa-Park’s Eurosat roller coaster, courtesy of the Mack Family. 

This donation marks the first time a ride vehicle will be added to the museum’s growing collection from outside the United States.

“It is truly a blessing for our first donation from Europe to be from the Mack Family and from such an iconic attraction,” said Jeff Novotny, President of the NRCMA Board of Directors. “It shows that this is truly an international industry with so many wonderful people who have dedicated their careers to ensuring generations of guests have memorable experiences.

Meanwhile, Ronald Mack, Europa-Park owner, commented: “To see one of the Eurosat trains now exhibited and preserved in the National Roller Coaster Museum – showing visitors a piece of history from Europa-Park – is a special honor and a great remembrance of my father.”

In the coming weeks, the museum’s main facility in Plainview, Texas, will integrate the vehicle into its master plan, which includes interactive exhibits and historic ride vehicle.