Merlin Entertainments are teaming up with Dorottya Experience Kft to open a new Madame Tussauds in Budapest, Hungry. The site is due to open in early 2022.

The wax museum in Budapest will be both interactive and immersive. It will feature celebrities in wax from Hungry and around the world. The stars will range from musicians to well-known sports men and women, both from modern and bygone eras.

The venue will extend for 2,000 square metres. It will be located near Vörösmarty square in the Hungarian capital city. The new attraction site is expected to help revive tourism in Budapest in the wake of the pandemic.

Chris Scurrah, franchise director at Merlin, commented on the plans for Madame Tussauds in Hungry: “We are delighted to be launching our Madame Tussauds franchise in Budapest with a partner experienced in the field of brand-building and tourism.

“Following a successful opening, we will continue to look at other Madame Tussauds franchise opportunities around the globe, in markets where the brand is not already present. Future partners are already being identified,” Scurrah added.