Theme parks are opening around the world and MK Themed Attractions are ready to help operators optimise their attractions’ themed experiences. To achieve optimal success, the provider of themed solutions for theme parks, has welcomed Mallorie Levent, a well-known and credible name in the themed experiences and attractions industry, to its team.

Prior to joining MK Themed Attractions, Mallorie Levent worked for Concepts 1990, sellers of French produced Merry Go Round carousels. The Danish company MK Themed Attractions wanted to develop its French speaking market, making Mallorie Levent the perfect appointment.

As Lars Nielson, themed attractions specialist at MK Themed Attractions commented: “We see a great opportunity for our company to expand into the French speaking markets and have been so lucky to get a native French speaking talented colleagues to our team, who is motivated to help our clients create spellbinding theming for their various attractions.”

Mallorie Levent spoke of her love of the attractions industry and her excitement of taking on a new work life adventure. “I love providing smiles around the world and feel the fresh young vibe that surrounds attractions and the experiences they create, so it felt very natural for me to take on the role at MK Themed Attractions,” said Levent.