The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum Group have teamed up to launch free to download augmented reality apps for kids. The initiative is in response to the challenges posed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The apps are known as My Dino Mission AR and My Robot Mission AR. They enable children to discover fun learning centred on the science of robots and dinosaurs.

My Robot Mission AR is designed for 10 – 12-year-olds. Mr Dino Mission AR is aimed at encouraging younger children, aged 7 – 10, to identify and feed dinosaurs.

The apps have been designed by a new children’s and learning division of Factory 42, known as 42 Kids. The group is working in partnership with NHM, the Science Museum, Sky and the Almeida Theatre.

John Stack, digital director at the Science Museum Group, commented: “We want as many young people to be inspired by the creativity and wonder of science.

“Through gameplay and immersive technologies, problem solving can be ignited about the world of science, technology and engineering.”