The new Pratermuseum, is now open for business, located next to the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel.

With an investment of £3.5m, the museum is twice the size of the original, covering around 400 sq.m. The permanent exhibition provides a comprehensive history of the Prater which is beautifully told on three floors. 

The museum has been curated by Susanne Winkler and Werner Michael.

“It’s not just the trees that are blooming in the Prater. No, the Viennese museum landscape is also blossoming vigorously here and is being enriched by another precious flower,” said Vienna’s Mayor Michael Ludwig open its opening.

“From today, the new Pratermuseum presents the history of this special place of longing and reflects its true character – as a place of togetherness, as a place for everyone.”

The new wooden building is one of the first public wooden buildings in Vienna. It used to be the building of a former amusement arcade, which is located between the Grand Autodrom and the Admiral Sportsbar.

Visitors will be able to enter the new museum from two sides – from Straße des 1. Mai and from Eduard-Lang-Weg. The 110sqm big foyer on the ground level of the museum will also be used for events.

The museum offers one additional highlight: there will be a balcony on the second floor from which visitors can enjoy a lovely view of the Wurstelprater.

Meanwhile, the eye-catching roof design is the brainchild of architect Michael Wallraff so that the view of the Wiener Riesenrad from Kratky-Baschik-Weg remains unobstructed.

Images: Prater