Now entering its 13th year of Halloween celebrations, Ocean Park will present an all-new, all day and night Halloween Fest on 17 event days from October 1-31, where a regular daytime ticket will enable each guest to enjoy Hong Kong's largest Halloween event.

The event will feature attractions for the whole family, haunted houses for the young and brave, as well as heart-pounding performances throughout the park.

Vivian Lee, Ocean Park's director of marketing, said: "Over the past 13 years, Ocean Park's Halloween celebration has become Asia's largest Halloween themed event and one of the most anticipated seasonal festivities in Hong Kong.

"By introducing Halloween celebrations, the event has helped Hong Kong garner the reputation as the destination for Halloween revelry. To learn about the needs and preferences of guests, independent consultants are engaged every year to conduct market research and analysis of the event's success."

Lee added: "The results show that more and more people look to the Halloween event for both fun elements for the family as well as exciting experiences for the young and brave.

"Living up to our reputation for creativity and innovation, we are taking our Halloween celebration to a higher level this year with the first-ever all day and night Halloween Fest. With a single ticket, guests can enjoy all the Halloween experiences we have in store, from day to night."

The logo for Ocean Park's Halloween celebration has become as iconic as the event itself. To complement this year's revolutionary all day and night format, a new logo has been created – signifying the fact that the Halloween Fest spans all day and night.