Painting with Light (PWL) the Belgium-based lighting and video studio, has announced a rebrand with a new logo and website.

The rebrand is designed to highlight the company’s new strategic market approach. PWL is also deploying a new strategic direction, including market diversification, digitisation and full turnkey project management for visual experiences.

Luc Peumans, CEO of PWL, commented: “The past few years have challenged us to become even more agile and adapt faster to changing market needs. Our customers are asking for more digital and turnkey solutions, so we broaden our offering in this direction. We successfully turned our rehearsal studio into a chromakey TV studio with augmented reality technologies for virtual events and live broadcasting, extending this towards fully equipped virtual studios for customers or companies at their location. All of this perfectly fits our mission of adding value to customers by creating engaging memories through powerful visual imagineering and sensory emotions.”

With new programmers, designers, and project and sales managers to accommodate for the increasing demand for immersive experiences in the likes of theme parks, events, shopping malls, cities, and other destinations, PWL has increased its team capacity by more than 50 per cent.

Among the company’s 2021 projects was projection mapping for the Flander Vaccination Campaign, Winterlog in Bruges, and the interactive exhibition The Art Hour in Mechelen.