The digital operations platform Cmd-Ctr is supporting Legoland Windsor in increasing ride capacity through the launch of a new range of operational support apps.

Cmd-Ctr is a cloud-based park operations system, built by First Option Software, who are based in the UK. The theme park operation system provides instant insights designed to enable operators to streamline operations. Such an efficient approach is achieved through the digitalisation of paper-based work streams to create strategic improvements across theme parks and other attraction venues.

The series of operational support apps include the Cmd-Ctr Ride App, which collects and records live data and makes operations checks, as well as closures/downtime, incident recording, staff requests and more.

The range of cloud-based support also includes a Monitoring App, a Training App, and an Administration Portal, each designed to boost operational efficiency.

By utilising the digital tools, Legoland Windsor is set to increase ride capacity, minimise ride downtime, and create significant efficiency gains while enhancing visitor satisfaction.

Karen Glassey, operations director at Legoland Windsor Resort, said: “I’m so pleased with how Cmd-Ctr has had an immediate beneficial impact. Access to live data, better communication and new insights is benefitting the team as a whole – from ride hosts to managers and beyond.

“The wider Legoland Windsor Resort team is noticing the positive impacts this system is having and we have the data to prove it.”