SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment and San Antonio-based theme park Morgan’s Wonderland have partnered on a new immersive cinematic experience. 

Morgan’s Wonderland is the world’s first and only theme park designed for people of all abilities and built for everyone’s enjoyment.  And SimEx-Iwerks has custom-designed a motion seat ride experience for the park which is set to open in the spring. 

The SimEx-Iwerks attraction will feature motion seats with special effects, including wind, water mist, and lighting built into the armrests. Electric actuators deliver smooth and accurate motion effects for all guests but provide the option to turn off the motion if needed. Riders using wheelchairs will experience motion with specially designed platforms and the same special effects package. 

“We are excited to add this experience to our Sensory Village,” said Gordon Hartman, Morgan’s Wonderland Creator. “SimEx-Iwerks worked closely with us to provide such unique elements for the type of cinematic experience we want to deliver to our guests. Their addition to the experience ensures Ultra Accessibility and Inclusion.” 

The experience will launch with the film Mars Coaster to provide guests with roller coaster-like sensations. SimEx-Iwerks has designed cinematic attractions for more than 30 years with experiences that entertain a broad audience. 

“We are proud to partner with Morgan’s Wonderland,” said Michael Needham, SimEx-Iwerks President and CEO, “Their mission of inclusion to bring together guests of all ages and all abilities is powerful and one that inspired our team to create this very special experience.”

Image: SimEx-Iwerks