Malta is the new home of a mini flying theatre courtesy of a partnership between Simtec Systems and Sarner.

The ride ‘fuses entertainment with education,’ and features an immersive dark walk experience, an interactive exhibition, and a flying theatre ride – unique to Malta.

It is situated inside Mercury Towers, an iconic new development designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, which towers at 33 floors, making it Malta’s tallest building to date.

The custom-built flying theatre provides special onboard effects thanks to its six-degrees-of-freedom motion platform to take visitors on a magical flight around the islands and is suitable for the entire family. 

The new attraction at Mercury Towers will be a fully immersive multisensory experience, education, and celebration of the past and present of Malta in 60 minutes, featuring advanced effects that include projection mapping, 3D multi-channel sound, smoke, and water effects.’

Andreas Stickel, Director of Business Development, Simtec Systems said: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work together with Sarner on this wonderful project. It was a challenge for both, Sarner and Simtec, to include such an immersive attraction within the constraints of the available space in the building. 

“With our HEXaFLITE mini, developed for small spaces, we have managed to meet this challenge. This is our first mini-flying theater in Europe, and we are very proud to have it installed in Malta!” 

Meanwhile, Marcel Bonnici, CEO, of Mercury Towers commented: “We are honored to partner with global leaders Sarner International and Simtec Systems to bring Malta’s history to life through this truly unique concept. 

“This groundbreaking attraction embodies our commitment to creating unforgettable moments that cannot be experienced elsewhere – in this case, through a fully immersive cultural attraction, which provides thrilling entertainment while serving as an enriching educational experience. 

“Using immersive storytelling and cutting-edge innovation and technology, this unique concept for Europe is set to stimulate the senses and provide a one-of-a-kind journey through time. The attraction is just one initiative in which Mercury aims to celebrate Malta’s heritage and take it into the future.

Images: Simtec Systems