The Spinning Coaster 3000, the world’s fastest single car spinning rollercoaster, has opened in the Lionsgate zone at Motiongate Dubai.

The attraction has been created by Maurer Rides, Munich-based experts in the development and production of amusement rides.

The arrival of the rollercoaster at the attractions site is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts expansion.

The ride is based on the heist thriller ‘Now You See Me’. It takes guests through a series of optical illusions and immersive storytelling.

The Maurer Rides coaster reaches speeds of up to 70km per hour, as riders race to escape security and expose the activities of a criminal mastermind. The ride features a loop, a figure of eight, a steep Immelmann turn with 80-degree banking and S-curves, as riders are hurled along the track at an incredibly fast pace.

Denis Pascal, general manager at Motiongate Dubai at Dubai Parks and Resort, commented on the new attraction: “The record-breaking coaster aims to reimagine the whole coaster experience for visitors to a more immersive one “Now You See Me: High Roller” is designed to be imaginative, immersive, and extravagant to make riders feel they’re living in the movie and to generate many repeat rides from teens and adults alike.”