Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is opening its doors early next year, with a grand opening taking place on February 4.

Super Nintendo World will feature Nintendo’s iconic characters, worlds and adventures, enabling visitors to play inside their favourite Nintendo games.

Two of the key highlights of the new world are a Mario Kart ride and Bowser’s Castle with stone walls, spiked fences, heavy iron doors and a huge stone statue of Bowser at the centre of a grand staircase. Yoshi-themed rides and attractions will also play centre stage in the new world.

The immersive theme park allows visitors to engage themselves in Nintendo games by wearing a Power-Up Band. This advanced technology brings gameplay to life while allowing guests to conveniently log their scores.

Visitors wearing Power-Up Bands can also collect virtual coins, punch through blocks and enjoy an even more interactive experience.

The grand opening of Super Nintendo World will kick start Universal Studios Japan’s 20th anniversary celebration, which will be held throughout the whole of 2021.