Details have been unveiled about what will be on the menu at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

The theme park’s Kinopio’s Café features fun themed décor. Diners will be able to choose from more than a dozen dishes, including Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger and Luigi’s Green Curry Chicken Sandwich. There will also be several dessert choices and a number of speciality drinks available.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan features a raft of unique rides and attractions, starting at the Warp Pipe entrance, which is home to classic sound effects from the Mario franchise, accompanied with lights zooming around.

One principal attraction at the new world is Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, which takes guests through various memorable Mario Kart courses, as they attempt to win the Universal Cup.

The family-friendly Yoshi’s Adventure is another highlight of Super Nintendo World, where riders search for Captain Toad on a treasure hunt.

The opening of the highly awaited theme park was due to take place in February 2021 but has been postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions in Osaka.