Zamperla’s flagship announcement this year has been the confirmation of an agreement with Cedar Point to reimagine Top Thrill Dragster.

Renamed Top Thrill 2, the updated ride will include a second spike tower to provide even more throttle on your journey. The ride will hurtle guests onboard at 120mph up to 420ft on the original tower. 

The updated ride, scheduled for the 2024 season, will feature three “free-fall” moments, including a  fan-favorite “rollback” that will take place after you’re first launched forward. Then, Riders will be launched backward and ‘rise into the sky on a new, cloud-piercing vertical tower.’ 

A third launch rockets you forward at 120 mph, sending you hurtling at speed toward the final race to the checkered flag. 

Adam Sandy, Roller Coaster Sales and Marketing Director Zamperla, gave a further flavor of what to expect: “It’s a huge moment for our company to get involved with one of the most iconic rides in the world. And Top Thrill 2 will blow people’s minds with the added spike and launches. The 300ft new year back spike we are adding will give great new views overlooking Cedar Point and give even more thrust to the ride.”

More of this interview will feature in our 2023 IAAPA Expo Europe Show Report.