Triotech is the only vertically integrated company in the leisure industry, that provides both hardware and software ride installations in more than 65 countries and delivers over 3000 attractions across the globe.

Since 2005, more than 985 million people have ridden a Triotech attraction, and 104 million guests experience their attraction annually.

To add further context to the statistics, InterPark spoke exclusively to VP Communications, Alliances, Talents & Culture, Christian Martin to shed further light on the pioneers of Triotech. 

Martin started by detailing a new attraction which Triotech has created: “We have a new attraction opening at Lagoon Park, Salt Lake City, Utah, which is a next generation interactive dark coaster installment. The attraction is named ‘Primordial’ and is a unique 3-level roller coaster combined with an interactive dark ride and features 8 media-based scenes and alternate ending storytelling. The attraction covers more than 71,000 sq. ft. (6,600 m2).

“We worked with a really good supplier called ART Engineering from Germany, a very well-known and well-respected company in the industry who were great to work with on this project.

“The ride takes you both inside and outside an artificial mountain, passing through different scenes with your blasters and following an engaging storyline. At the end, riders will be taken either let’s say ‘left or right’ and within that there will be alternative endings by giving riders up to six different combinations of experiences. Their journey on-board Primordial evokes rich storytelling.”

For further content, Primordial is set in the Dolomite Mountains, where visitors will journey to free the Dragon Dragnor and Owl Astradir and restore harmony in the Kingdom of the regal lynx Queen Azdra. As guests will experience different elements through choosing different paths, the ride is great for repeat visits. 

Through Triotech’s in-house studio, engineering, and R&D teams of design, story, show, theming, audio, special effects, the ride is a game changer for the industry. Triotech also developed a new blaster concept that can withstand the twists, turns, and falls of this coaster: “The biggest challenge was creating the targeting devices on-board a roller coaster that it aims at the right place and is strong enough to withstand with so much movement,” added Martin.

Another topic of discussion was how Triotech utilizes space for creating its attractions: “We provide great solutions for smaller regional parks where space is a premium and building a new facility is expensive as every square metre counts. So we can transform current areas which are unused to become thriving attractions, as is the case for ‘Champi’Folies’ in Le Pal, where we emptied the middle of a building which was a theatre, and transformed it into a dark ride comprising of eight different scenes and five vehicles. With all the visual effects and technology, you could be in a big destination park.”

Another Triotech installation discussed was ‘Ninjago’ which Martin reflects upon with affection: “Ninjago has been so successful for us to be installed in all the Legoland parks around the world. It is a super cool IP working with Lego, working with Merlin, an industry leader who are very rigorous and very demanding, but we can see the result. It is a great concept where you are playing with just your hands.”

When asked about the key to the successful evolvement of Triotech, Martin said: At Triotech. we have a variety of attractions to cater for customer demand. With the pieces of technology that we have at our disposal, we can deliver a diverse number of rides: we can move you, we can create interactivity, move you in a seat, move you on a platform, create a walkthrough attraction with different paths, we can make you fly; it is a matter of ordering and theming the right content for the right client.”

On the direction the industry is heading, Martin was clear: “What is evolving now and what we are seeing are that visitors want to be immersed in an experience but with a real technology element. Visitors don’t want a technology experience for technology’s sake, rather an immersive technological experience which feels real, a real reality if you will, something that is engaging with an IP or brand, but at the same time relatable.

“This goes for children, who live in a world where growing up there are lots of things which are interactive and who love to press buttons. So we at Triotech can cater for this new megatrend of revolutionary technological interactivity, not just for children but for all guests.”

Images: Triotech