Triotech, the award-winning developers of multisensory 3D rides, attractions, media-based rides, and simulators for theme parks, has announced positive early recovery results since reopening attractions following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Triotech has hundreds of attractions located at sites around the world. As theme parks in Asia, Europe and the US begin to reopen, feedback from operators has been positive, with renewed demand from guests to enjoy fun experiences.

Ernest Yale, founder and CEO of Triotech, spoke of the early positive results: “Early returns have been more than encouraging, we have seen numbers that are even up from the same dates last year, even as high as 60% over the year before!

“The current crisis due to the pandemic is unprecedented. The entire industry, from operators to suppliers has been wondering what will be the consumer response to de-confinement, what will be the transition to the so-called new normal. Therefore, it is important to monitor the recovery,” Yale added.

Talking of the fundamental need for people to go out and enjoy themselves, Ernest Yale says that with sufficient hygiene and social distancing rules in place, he is confident in the future for the industry.