Breaker Bay Waterpark at Blue Harbor Resort and Spa in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, has cut the ribbon on a new $1.7m surfing attraction.

This new experience, Riptide, according to David Sanderson, vice president and general manager of Blue Harbor, is a "step forward in the evolution of the resort".

A large basin holds 70,000 gallons of water, which is pushed through two pumps that shoot the water across the trampoline-like surface at 25-30 mph.

The powerful flow of water up the ramp, which is angled at 25 degrees, creates the wave.

"Brace for impact," the promotional video by Flowrider, the manufacturer of the wave machine, warns.

Riptide is the second attraction added by Blue Harbor in recent months – the first being a black-light golf course, Lost Temples.