Universal Studios Japan will mark the start of its 15th anniversary celebrations next year with the opening of a record-breaking Jurassic Park-themed attraction.

The Flying Dinosaur promises to be the world’s longest and deepest-dropping flying coaster.

Visitors will hang in the talons of a Pteranodon, wheeling 360 degrees in the air and flying at speed over the Jurassic Park themed world below.

According to Universal, the ride will tell the story of how pteradons have been secretly living in the trees of the park. Research has been underway to help conduct a flight with the Pteradons, but guests are warned that these wild animals can still be unpredictable.

The Flying Dragon’s total length will be 1,124m, with a first drop of 37.8m.

Details of the company developing the ride have yet to be disclosed, although the attraction is due to open to the public in March.