WaveTek, an industry leader in the design and manufacturer of wave generation equipment, is celebrating being at the forefront of providing innovative wave products and pool technology for 50 years.

In the United States, ADG’s WaveTek wave generation systems represents more than 90% of recreational wave systems installed throughout the nation. Around the world, WaveTek’s systems are installed in more than 450 locations.

Developing industry ‘firsts’, such as the first pnuematic system to be installed in the US, the first six-foot pneumatic parallel wave, the first lazy river waves, the first double break wave pool floor, staggered caisson design, gutterless wave pool and the first tsunami solitary wave technology, alongside many other innovations, including the patented VaraWave technology, WaveTek has been smashing boundaries in wave system innovation in the US and around the world.

As Jim Dunn, president of ADG, commented:

“WaveTek waves are unmatched in the industry. We’ve combined creativity and technology to provide our clients with innovative wave pool shapes, technological advancements and creative applications that are not found anywhere else in the industry.

“WaveTek is continually evolving to meet the growing demands of our clients, and we are always working towards what’s next,” Dunn added.

To mark their 50th year at the forefront of the industry, ADG has launched a new WaveTek logo, designed to represent the brand and its modernisation.