Zamperla, the renowned pioneer in the world of amusement ride and roller coaster manufacturing, proudly presents two exciting attractions aimed at providing visitors of all generations with a shared experience of exhilarating fun.

The Magic Bikes XL

First up is the Magic Bikes XL, an upsized version of the beloved Magic Bikes, offering a whopping fourfold increase in capacity compared to its predecessor. Where the 6.2 version could accommodate 12 passengers, the Magic Bikes XL welcomes a staggering 48 riders. Now, families spanning multiple generations—parents, children, and grandparents, can embark on thrilling adventures together, creating cherished memories of shared excitement.

This extraordinary ride incorporates a pedal-powered mechanism that empowers riders to control the motion of the ride arm. The harder they pedal, the higher the arm soars, enhancing the thrill factor. Moreover, the Magic Bikes XL offers boundless theming possibilities, immersing guests in uniquely crafted adventures with each ride.

The GoGo Bounze 8.4

Next on the roster is the GoGo Bounze 8.4, a remarkable evolution of the classic Jump Around, masterfully redesigned to accommodate larger groups and make a bold statement in any midway setting.

This family-oriented thrill ride features a sophisticated system of air cylinders that independently drive each arm’s movements, resulting in mesmerizing bouncing patterns. Its versatility allows for customizable wave patterns or alternating jumps, ensuring a fresh twist with every ride. Each vehicle can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children, making the GoGo Bounze 8.4 the centerpiece of any family area, drawing visitors from all corners of the park.

Safety is of paramount importance to Zamperla, and the ride is equipped with individual lap bars to ensure a secure experience for riders of all ages. Additionally, the ride seamlessly integrates with various park themes, effortlessly blending into any park’s unique atmosphere.

With the Magic Bikes XL and GoGo Bounze 8.4, Zamperla continues to set the bar for innovation, pushing the boundaries of imagination, and uniting generations through unforgettable shared experiences.

The GoGo Bounze 8.4 will take the spotlight at the industry’s most significant event of the year, the IAAPA Expo in Orlando. This is your chance to experience the ride firsthand and witness Zamperla’s iconic approach to amusement. Rest assured, the ride’s craftsmanship adheres to the highest standards, reflecting the meticulous care and attention to detail that our artistic department pours into every Zamperla project.

Image: Zamperla