The Wenchang Lake Investment Promotion Bureau of Zibo City, Shandong Province, China, has announced it is to invest in the development of a theme park and commercial complex. The investment is valued at 2.25 billion yuan (approx. US$0.32 billion).

The project will involve the development of the Zibo Wenchang Lake Tourism Resort, which will include a theme park and the Wenchang Lake commercial complex project.

The commercial complex project will cover an area of 60 acres and will feature a supermarket, shopping mall, gym, education and training centre, theatres and more.

Another 2 billion yuan will go towards the construction of a theme park, which will extend a 500-acre area. The theme park will be home to diverse attractions centred on local cultures and modern elements. As well as attractions, the theme park will be home to food outlets, hotels, shopping areas and entertainment.