A series of new rides and attractions are coming to Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures in New Caney, Texas.

The waterpark is part of the 630-acre Grand Texas resort, which features dining, shopping and entertainment.

A total of 11 new attractions are being launched at the waterpark. The rides include a spinning rollercoaster, a rocking pirate ship, a 360-degree spinning pendulum, and a number of rides for young children.

The new attractions are being built in a new area at the waterpark, known as Big River Fairgrounds.

Carl Foy, Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures’ marketing director, said: “Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures is all about providing positive family experiences. [The fairgrounds] is designed to be fun for all.

“It adds more length to our season and more components that we can grow with. We can open up in March for spring break, for example, when the kids are out of school and it might still be too chilly to swim,” Foy added.