Niagara Falls State Park is developing an extensive visitor centre which will be home to exhibits, an immersive experience and a museum.

The state-of-the-art visitor centre is costing $46m to construct and is set to open in 2023. The new facility will cover 28,000 sq. ft. and will feature ticketing, interpretation, dining and retail areas. The centre will also be equipped with a rooftop solar park with green elements.

New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, said the visitor centre will improve the visitor experience and increase the amount of time visitors spend at Niagara Falls State Park.

“New York is home to some of the nation’s greatest parks and outdoor recreational opportunities that attract visitors from all across the globe, and Niagara Falls State Park is no exception,” Cuomo commented.

“This new visitor centre continues the stunning transformation of New York’s most famous and most visited state park, welcoming the millions of tourists who visit each year while highlighting the unique history and beauty of the park and the entire Western New York community,” he added.