Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS), specialists in the design, construction, fabrication and installation of interactive entertainment attractions, is introducing RailShot Mini Golf, a portable, changeable nine-hole miniature golf course.

RailShot is designed to be set up quickly with minimal transport space required, making it a suitable choice for rental and special event providers.

The mini golf course can be set up like a maze, enabling multiple players to be on the course at the same time.

The AGS team has modified a similar edge system used on the company’s AmericanPie course to create the product. A unique pin system and a new 3D printed portable “Elevated Hole Cup”, which replaces the sunken hole cup setup, provides a unique mini golf system, which enables golf-hole shapes to be changed within minutes at any time.

RailShot can be set up on any surface, as it does not require specific turf.

Scott Lundmark, AGS president, said: “This is an exciting lower-cost entry in our line of mini golf products.

“RailShot Mini Golf is designed so the owners can change any or all golf shapes to create a new course within minutes.”