Alterface has been a pioneer in the interactive entertainment landscape for over two decades, skilfully blending cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of clients’ needs. The strength lies in tailoring interactive solutions that seamlessly align with each of their client’s distinct aspirations. Thanks to the compact, easy-to-install technology, this bespoke approach is the golden key to unlock the full potential of the interactive ride.

As Alterface unveils two captivating attractions and offers a glimpse of what’s to come, their legacy of innovation, adaptability, and global expertise takes center stage.

Popcorn Panic at Hamanako Palpal 

Nestled within the idyllic Hamanako Palpal amusement park, Alterface proudly introduces “Popcorn Panic” This immersive theater invites guests to restore order after the mischievous popcorn characters have disrupted the screen.

Armed with interactive devices, visitors embark on an engaging mission, making it a must-see experience for all ages. In close collaboration with our partner Watanabeyuka, we’ve empowered this attraction with our cutting-edge interactive technology, unrivaled gameplay expertise, and our beloved “Popcorn Revenge” IP, as well. Making their Japanese debut, the playful popcorn characters have already captured the hearts of many fans!

Reflecting on the partnership, Kaz Kobayashi, CEO at Curiosity Japan, affirms: “I believe Alterface is a wonderful partner with the ability to adapt to any situation. We’re enthusiastic about continuing to create thrilling attractions together!” 

Join the adorable Little Ponies for an Enchanting Interactive Adventure

Welcome to the heart-pounding, weather-manipulating adventure of “Rainbow Dash’s Weather Factory”, designed by Boren Group and enhanced by Alterface’s interactive technology! Join Rainbow Dash and her Pegasus friends as they soar through the skies, and unleash concentrated energy to create breathtaking clouds, rainbows, and thunderstorms. Feel the rush of the wind, the rumble of thunder, and the thrill of magical weather manipulation. Will you and your team bring back the sunshine to Ponyville?

Located on the third floor of Aina·Transformers & My Little Pony Happy World is China’s pioneering super-large micro-resort. This 20-person interactive shooting motion theater celebrates the beloved My Little Pony IP, owned by the global brand company Hasbro. “Professional, earnest, and accountable: Alterface is undoubtedly a trustworthy partner!” comments Mr. Gu, CEO at Jiangsu Boren Culture Technology Co., Ltd. As a singular experience within the resort, “The Rainbow Dash Weather Factory” features DOF seats, an interactive shooting system, captivating 3D multimedia playback, and breathtaking special effects.

Moviemax: Redefining Compact Interactive Entertainment on the move

In a pioneering stride towards innovation, Alterface proudly unveils the groundbreaking “Moviemax” a compact interactive attraction set to revolutionize entertainment on the go. Conceived by Léo Verstiggel, Moviemax showcases Alterface’s ability to craft tailored solutions for diverse client demands.

The attraction’s ingenious design, unveiled from a simple container, transforms into a beautiful compact setting reminiscent of a vintage Hollywood movie theater, complete with an abundance of classic light bulbs and iconic marquee signage. The setting features ticketing, a photo booth, a queue line, and seating for twelve. Moviemax offers a unique choice between four films, catering to a wide range of audiences, from families and children to teenagers. Remarkably, Moviemax incorporates 3D technology and a range of special effects, including wind, water, stroboscopes, and smoke, to enhance the immersive experience. This cost-effective design, uniquely adapted for fairs and itinerant events, boasts an easy setup requiring just 2 to 3 hours and minimal operator involvement, translating to lower operational costs.

As for its initial debut, Moviemax will make its first appearance at the Quinconces Fair in Bordeaux in March, followed by the Attractive Fair in Nancy in April. It will then delight visitors at the Saint-Tropez amusement park (AZUR PARK) throughout the entire summer season, and finally return to Bordeaux in October.

Image: Alterface