Cedar Fair, a world leader in regional amusement parks and waterpark entertainment, has announced its preliminary operating results for 2020.

The company closed its parks in March 2020, in response to the pandemic. Late in the second quarter, Cedar Fair begin to open seven of its parks, in compliance with state and local health and safety guidelines.

The company implemented enhanced health and safety protocols. It also imposed visitor limitations with fewer operating days and hours, alongside reduced marketing spend, and a limited event line-up. Despite the limitations, attendance to the parks has gradually increased.

On a number of days in August, attendance to the parks exceeded 50% of prior-year attendance.

Richard Zimmerman, president and CEO at Cedar Fair, said: “Given the challenges and uncertain environment caused by the pandemic, we are pleased to have opened seven of our parks to date. Getting parks open has allowed us to reengage with our customers and, at the same time, demonstrate the ability to provide our guests and associates with a safe and enjoyable entertainment offering.

“While attendance levels were somewhat soft upon initially reopening, we are pleased with how demand trends have improved and are encouraged with this positive momentum as we look ahead to 2021,” Zimmerman continued.