Work has begun on a new exhibition that celebrates the centennial of the Walt Disney Company. The exhibition will showcase Disney’s history and legacy. It is being prepared by SC Exhibitions.

The show will premiere at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in February 2023. It will feature galleries with hundreds of Disney artifacts displayed in a vast and immersive space than stretches across 15,000 feet.

Paula Sigman Lowery, historian, co-curator, and internationally recognised expert on Walt Disney and The Walt Disney Company spoke about the forthcoming Disney exhibition: “It’s thrilling to bring Disney’s crown jewels – art, memorabilia, costumes, props, and one-of-a-kind treasures – to public view – and to explore the story of one of the world’s most creative entertainment companies,”

“Many of these objects have never before seen outside the company’s archival, animation, and Imagineering vaults,” she added.

The exhibition will be the third collaboration between SC Exhibitions and Studio TK, a collective of architects, visual artists and experts of entertainment technology based in Berlin. Studio TK specialise in assisting with the creation of brand exhibitions.