The final piece of the Hyperia puzzle was put into place on 6th March with the final lift hill track hoisted into place at Thorpe Park.

With this track welded into place, not only is the first drop firmly attached but the track completion means Thorpe Park becomes the home of the tallest roller coaster in the UK, reaching 236ft high.

Hoisting the final construction piece took 15 minutes to lift up from the ground to its perch thanks to a huge 500-ton crane and expert guidance. The piece in question weighs a mammoth 14 ton.

Hyperia took 5,292-man hours to bring together as the lift brought into place the 92nd and final piece of Hyperia track.

In celebration, three flags were attached to the piece with Germany represented by its ride manufacturers Mack Rides, the British flag and Thorpe Park’s new logo.

Hyperia is now the UK’s tallest, fastest and most weightless rollercoaster and will open before the summer.

Images: Thorpe Park