The landscape of the theme park industry will change when Falcon’s Flight officially opens at Six Flags Qiddiya.

In a world exclusive first look at IAAPA Expo, Intamin proudly revealed Falcon’s Flight train featuring an eye-catching Falcon design with a windscreen to protect riders from wind speeds. Falcon’s Flight is named due to the bird being an incoming symbol of Saudi Arabia and is considered the national bird of the country.

And Falcon’s Flight will shatter numerous records – it will become the world’s tallest coaster at a staggering 600ft. 

It will also set further records as being the fastest ride in the world travelling at a colossal 156mph. Falcon’s Flight will possess three launch control systems, each becoming faster with every launch.

Another record broken will be that it becomes the longest coaster with 13,000ft of track to take riders on-board a ride of the next generation.

A remarkable six trains will each carry 14 riders.

The centrepiece of the ride will feature a first drop going over a huge rock face followed by a huge climb and a second drop over a gigantic arch span which will be seen from far and wide.

Image: IAAPA