Recently, Intercard provided a two-day advanced arcade operations seminar to the arcade leadership team at Hersheypark amusement park. 

Hersheypark uses Intercard technology throughout its arcades and outdoor Midway attraction.

The executive level arcade and card system operations training focuses on card system best practices including enhanced security, data mining, payout management, enhancing guest service and maximizing revenue.

Jason Mitchell, Intercard’s customer success manager, leads the program, which is exclusively for Intercard customers. “New customers typically use only a fraction of the features of their cashless system,” says Mitchell.

“We do a deep dive into their operation so we can show them how to leverage the full power and benefits of Intercard’s cashless technology.”

Mitchell has worked in the amusement industry for more than 36 years. For more than 11 years he has brought his deep knowledge of customer service and technology to Intercard’s customers.

Hersheypark’s arcade leadership gave a glowing report of the seminar: “I expect the system management to be better streamlined and our COGS to be better targeted and closer in line with our long-term goals,” said financial analyst James Schauer. 

“I definitely recommend this service to other operators as it will create actual benefit for our organization and leadership team.”

Team members also appreciated the additional in-depth training as their Intercard system was installed during pandemic restrictions. “We will have better reports to help us monitor our business, which is something we did not have before the program,” says Adda Jasper, assistant director of retail and games. 

“A follow-up training to see how well we are using the system and how to use it better is a great way to improve your business.”

Image: Intercard