Jora Vision, a leading European themed attraction design and build company, has unveiled a new available turnkey experience known as DomeMotion360.

DomeMotion360 has been developed for attraction sites that strive to meet the demand for immersive experiences that bring something new and tell stories in a unique way.

This indoor dark ride involves visitors boarding a guided ride vehicle. Once inside, they are taken on an immersive experience travelling through different scenes.

This high-tech immersive experience incorporates a choreography of décor, sets, sounds, lighting, projection mapping, special and visual effects and music, to take visitors on an unforgettable journey. The ride provides full immersion through 360 degrees projection and vehicle movement.

The DomeMotion360 is created for all ages. With a minimal required footprint of approximately 225 metre squares, the attraction is suitable for smaller attraction sites like zoos and museums. In fact, the dark ride has been specifically developed for those museums and zoos that aspire to fulfil these higher expectations of visitors.