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Maurer Rides announces interactive roller coaster for Six Flags Qiddiya City

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German Ride Manufacturers Maurer Rides has announced a new ‘interactive’ roller coaster set for Six Flags Qiddiya City in Saudi Arabia.

The announcement took place at the SEA Expo in Riyadh which is currently taking place in the kingdom.

Maurer Rides revealed images on its Instagram social media channel showing a turquoise vehicle racing around the track – the vehicle being The Spike Racing model, one of Maurer Rides’ signature roller coasters.

Maurer Rides has supplied this model around the world and on cruise ships, where The Spike Racing roller coaster of Bolt is critically acclaimed for its technological advances and becoming the first roller coaster at sea.

The Spike Racing model is defined by Maurer Rides as ‘bringing the fascination of motorsports to the tracks and enables interactively controlled driving that pushes the limits of technology. Maximum inclines, accelerating out of curves and many unique track figures offer a ride never experienced before.’

An interactive roller coaster, Six Flags Qiddiya guests can look forward to multiple features onboard such as a ‘throttle and boost button for additional thrust, brake lamps that light up, speed-dependent, freely configurable ride sounds, on-board video and a touchscreen display.

Thus, Maurer Rides continue to evolve the grow thanks to The Spike Racing car; ‘a high- tech vehicle that is unrivalled in its class.’

Images: Maurer Rides

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