Next year will mark a new chapter in the ongoing growth of Legoland California, as the resort prepares to launch a new submarine-themed attraction, 4D movie and hotel.

The plans were unveiled in August by general manager Peter Ronchetti, who provided details of the all-new Lego City Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride, which represents the largest investment in any Legoland park.

The attraction will take passengers aboard a real submarine, where they will be submerged underwater and immersed in an ocean habitat.

Opening in 2018, guests will be taken on a voyage to find lost treasure on a sunken Lego shipwreck. Among the real sea animals are bright Lego octopi, marine tropical fish and Lego scuba divers.

Touchscreens at each porthole inside the sub are used by guests to help the Lego minifigure dive team identify gems, pearls, Lego gold coins and more throughout the journey.

Up to 12 guests will board one of eight submarines that are designed after the Lego City Deep Sea Adventure line of toys.

“I’m extremely excited for our guests to experience Lego City Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride,” said Ronchetti.

“For the first time in the US, we are bringing our guests onboard a real submarine where they’ll go underwater to discover a truly amazing world filled with more than 2,000 different real sea animals, including several species of stingrays and a variety of exotic sharks.”

The summer exploration ride will open shortly after Legoland Castle Hotel opens in the spring of 2018.

“We are excited to expand our Legoland kingdom with Legoland Castle Hotel, not only for the new adventures it will bring to our guests, but also the new jobs it will create for the community,” said Ronchetti.

Legoland Castle Hotel will feature three room themes: Knights and Dragons, Magic Wizard and Royal Princess.

Also opening in 2018 is ‘Lego Ninjago – Master of the 4th Dimension’. Starting in January at the Lego Showplace Theatre, the short film will combine dazzling 3D computer animation with 4D real-world effects.