Maurer Rides’ team was thrill to test their Spike Fun prototype at Skyline Park on June 6, 2023. 

The Spike Fun, the world’s first roller coaster with 45° rearward tilting seats, was put through its paces. The test riders had the opportunity to experience the new ride with the seat’s innovative tilting function and assume various positions during the ride. 

Everyone was impressed by the versatility and new riding experience offered by Spike Fun; especially the wheelie effect during acceleration – and in both forward and reverse directions. During the wheelie, the seat tilts back surprisingly during the launch and thus enhances the acceleration sensation immensely. Additionally, the jump over the Camelback triggered great enthusiasm. In the course of the jump, the seat tilt compensates for the respective slope of the Camelback, so that the seat remains horizontally aligned during the descent. The passenger thus feels as if he or she is jumping over the crest, and the rail is no longer visible to them. 

The testers made intensive use of the option to interactively adjust the seat position. With this innovation every ride felt differently and there are no limits to experimentation. Of course, the adjustment of the seat tilt can also be program-controlled, allowing passengers to enjoy a ride that has been perfectly tailored to enhance the experience of every second of the ride. 

The test run at Skyline Park was a first opportunity to explore the potential of the Spike Fun prototype while immersing ourselves in an invaluable learning experience. These findings will fuel the ongoing evolution and optimization of the product, so that new features will reach their full potential and ensure an unparalleled ride experience. 

Images: Maurer Rides