German roller coaster manufacturer Maurer Rides has unveiled the latest creation of its Spike Coaster series model: The Spike Waterfight coaster

Much like Maurer’s Spike Coaster, riders of Spike Waterfight can control elements of the ride themselves by altering the speed of the vehicle with a throttle on the handlebar and enjoy a speed boost thanks to a special boost button.

This water roller coaster consists of a water slide ascending and descending a tower. After some fun twists and turns, at the end of the ride you can squirt water at people waiting on the platforms of the slides from the vehicle with water cannons. However, guests in the queue line can get their revenge by soaking guests actually on the ride thanks to water guns positioned near the entry of the ride and from different walking platforms of the tower.

The tower can be built up to 30-meters (98ft) high and reaches a top speed of 40km/h (24.9mph) with an acceleration of 1.2g. The Spike Waterfight can accommodate up to 440 riders per hour.

Image: Maurer Rides