A new immersive art experience is coming to Amsterdam. Rembrandts Amsterdam is an historic experience, which transports guests back 350 years to the 17th century.

Visitors will visit a reconstruction of Rembrandt’s last studio, where the artist’s iconic ‘last works’ were created. In the ‘lost’ studio guests will meet Rembrandt, alongside other characters including the artist’s mistress Hendrickje, his daughter Cornelia, and his son Titus.

Citysaurus, Experiences with Impact, a start-up that aims to develop, manage and operate meaningful, educational and cultural experiences about local stories, designed and created Rembrandts Amsterdam. The creative team adopted modern techniques to bring an immersive story based on Amsterdam’s most famous painter to life.

Simeon van Tellingen and Martin Poiesz, the founders of Citysaurus, Experiences with Impac, have been involved in creating immersive experiences for museums and other attraction sites for years.

Simeon van Tellingen explained the aim of Rembrandts Amsterdam: “This is the story of Rembrandt however we wanted to highlight different aspects of his live, most of them untold or unknown to the general public. For example not a lot of people know that Rembrandt declared bankruptcy. He was forced to give up his grand residence (the Rembrandthuis) and his household effects were auctioned off. In order to ward off creditors, Rembrandt”s wife Hendrickje and son Titus legally became his employers. This enabled him to continue his work as a painter.”

Rembrandts Amsterdam is located at Amsterdam’s famous Leidseplein square. The attraction is expected to open in the end of spring 2021.