Rembrandts Amsterdam, the new immersive art experience featuring a reconstruction of the artist’s lost studio, is opening to the public in the Dutch city on June 19.

Rembrandts Amsterdam is situated at Leidseplein. Visitors are immersed into a 17th century world through state-of-the-art video projections and special effects. Guests are greeted by Hendrickje, Rembrant’s wife, as well as his daughter, Cornelia, and son, Titus.

The new immersive attraction was created by Citysaurus. The start-up was founded by Martin Poiesz and Simeon van Tellingen, both of whom are creative entrepreneurs.

Talking about the aim of the Rembrandts Amsterdam experience, the founders said: “We hope that with our museum we can make a new group of visitors enthusiastic about the story of Rembrandt. The techniques we use are different from those you can find in a regular museum and more comparable to a theatre.

“We tell a story with music and voice actors, light, image, scent and special effects. In this way, you experience art and culture in a completely different way,” the founders added.