Immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences provider, The Park Playground, has announced the release of its latest location-based entertainment (LBE) VR escape room, The Break-in. 

The new VR escape room immerses players into a fully interactive, and personalised story thanks to generative AI. 

“It’s always exciting to introduce a new experience to our players. The addition of The Break-in adds to our diverse library of original IPs to continue to accommodate all guests, regardless of their age or interest. I’m thrilled that we’re continuing our journey of bringing AI technology into the VR world, with the introduction of The Break-in” commented The Park Playground’s CEO, Peter Vindevogel. 

“We believe that technology should always be used in a way that creates the best-possible experience for our customers and in this instance, integrating AI is allowing us to create a truly unique and social experience, each and every time it’s played.”

The Park Playground’s The Break-in uses HTC VIVE FOCUS 3 headsets allowing users a completely untethered adventure as they work together, using lateral thinking to solve puzzles and locate missing artwork.

The premise of The Break-in requires teams of 2 to 8 people per field who are immersed as the main protagonists of the heist-themed story. “Set at the scene of the fictional Crompton Bank that towers over its neighbourhood, teams must work together on an ambitious mission to retrieve a valuable masterpiece that has gone missing from a guarded vault full of AI-generated artwork,” state The Park Playground.

“To locate it, teams must find their way through the labyrinthine bank by solving puzzles, finding keycards and navigating lasers; all while avoiding enemy team.”

The experience features spectacular cinematic moments, slow motion effects and first-of-its-kind in-game mechanics that see the team, who become momentarily split-up, having to communicate nonverbally by scrawling on a virtual windowpane and skilfully repelling buildings in order to track down the artwork.

The experience is geared up for guests from the age of 12 and above and can be played in a multitude of languages such as English, Dutch, French, German

Image: The Park Playground